Sweet Spot Sugaring


Now Introducing: Sweet Spot Sugaring

Keep Your Kitty Pretty: Brides, this one is especially for you! If you are feeling a bit prickly, we can help so lets start off by saying that there are a Brazilian reasons why to sugar your sweet spot (and all other areas)!

What is the difference between Sugaring & Waxing?
  • Sugaring is simply made up of all natural ingredients where was has many chemical ingredients
  • Sugaring is applied at body temperature so it will not burn your skin
  • Sugaring there is less strain on the skin as the paste is removed in the same direction that the hair grows where waxing can break follicles and cause ingrown hair due to removing it against the grain.
  • Sugar is bacteria resistant




Which Are You?


Basic Bikini (Removes hair out of panty line) $25

The Modest Brazilian (Removes all hair aside from the landing strip) $30

Brazilian (Receive 50% off first treatment and then qualify for the Brazilian maintenance pricing. Removes all the hair including between the cheeks): $80

Brazilian Maintenance (Must be booked within 4-6 weeks of last service): $35

$45 (+6 weeks from last appointment)

Half Arm:$25

Underarm: $20 (Add on to any bikini service for $12)

No show appointments will be subject to a 50% charge at your next appointment. Please reschedule or cancel your appointment 24 prior.

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